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Over 60 games, fun for all!

Games4TV has more than 60 fun, family-friendly casual games, with no violence or "dark themes." Play them on any online platform, from computers to iPads, smartphones and tablets, smartTVs, and most IPTV platforms!

New: Two gatesways to play

Games4TV 2014Our new look at feel, with new modern-style games, all of 60+ "Legacy" games, and 3 free-to-play new style games on the front for non-members to try.

"Old Fashioned" Games4TVAll of our "Legacy" games that you know and love, in a familiar menu that works for everyone. This entrance is only for our members.

Games4TV at Net4TV is a member-supported online games community. All games are ad-free and play completely in the browser.

We provide a welcoming place to relax and play without worries about privacy or safety. Our members range in age from teens to upper 90's, and seniors and boomers especially enjoy the brain-stimulating fun, and making friends in our community.

Games4TV at Net4TV costs less than 15¢ a day, and makes a perfect gift for young and old!

Games4TV Professional Services

Iacta provides Games4TV services to IPTV, cable, and hospitality providers on four continents, and can serve most IPTV, cable, computer, CE, and smartphone platforms. For more information and to discuss Games4TV for your service, please visit www.iacta.com or email us at info+games(at)iacta.com